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A space for you to heal your Body, Mind & Spirit through tried and tested Holistic Treatments

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Mallorca Healing Center I Yoga & Holistic Therapies

Wake up with a sense of Ease

Feel like you have tried everything, and still feel discomfort in your Body & Mind?

At Mallorca Healing Center we give you support to achieve the life style changes you've been longing for.

Experience the life changing power of healing your Body & Mind with treatments and practices:

  • Heal your pain and step into a healthy Body

  • Meet your challenges with a resilient Mind

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Imagine your Body & Mind filled to the top with energy, what would you do? Come to Mallorca Healing Center and find out


Your Body & Mind are by nature healed and strong. With different techniques & tools you'll find your way to well-being


Having too much or too little will keep you from experiencing balance - let us guide you to find balance for your Body & Mind

Holistic Health Program

For when your desire to change becomes greater than the desire to remain the same

What it is

Reprogram your limiting beliefs so that you can release the thoughts and habits that hold you back.

Sometimes we may experience life as overwhelming, and feel like we've tried everything without results.

Together we will go through a tried and tested 1 on 1 Holistic Program that is specifically tailored to you. We'll guide and empower you to do the changes so that you can create the lifestyle of your choice.

Because, you see, you already have the components to create the life you're dreaming about.

And together during 30, 60 or 90 days: We'll help you find your tools to use it in your fullest power

What you'll receive


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Healing Hours

Want to connect with your inner guidance & healing?

With our exclusive Healing Hours you'll in a playful way learn to trust your wisdom and strengthen your intuition

Availability per class: maximum 5 people

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monday to friday

Mysore Ashtanga Yoga

Looking for a new Yoga Challenge with great benefits?

Every asana you do has a benefit and a healing effect for a special organ in your body.

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A space to heal your body & mind

At Mallorca Healing Center you'll find a place to breathe, rest and face what is challenging you to live your life at its fullest. Depending on your specific needs we offer a variety of treatments for your body & mind: a holistic approach with the individual as the focus.


Are you experiencing pain, sickness or any kind of discomfort in your body?

With Yoga, Massage, Reiki Healing & Reflexology we will find a way to treat your discomfort: and give you tools to Heal your body.


Feeling stressed out, emotional pain or just disconnected?

With Meditation & Life Coaching we can sit down and bring up whatever is keeping you from living your life the way you want to.

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Kind words

"After session I felt more calm and relaxed. And I got a better perspective of things. Marit helped me realise what to do to make me feel better. Also how I need to approach things with my problems. She always makes me feel better. I hope Marit will continue to help me and other people, cause I think she is the best!"


" She made me feel secure and seen. She asked spot on questions. Marits awareness of me makes me feel very trustful and secure with her. Something I really appreciate of a coach!! 5 of 5 stars!!"


" Marit taught me how to listen to my inner self. Good introduction, asked questions that made me find the answers myself. Peaceful impression. I am very impressed with this form of coaching."


Holistic Therapies

Time for some changes, but not really know where to start?

Feeling stressed, not knowing how to find time for self care , gained too much weight, unhealthy habits, feeling depressed, life is just going around in circles and not knowing where to start. Then this can be the place to start your new journey! We are offering you a 30 minutes free talk to see how we can support you in the best way. I , Marit, am an educated nurse since 30 years, worked with health care all my life, also dedicated yoga practitioner and a yoga teacher, holistic life coach and Reiki Healer. Welcome to send an email and we will soon meet and start the journey you are longing for.


It is an ancient discipline, that works by combining physical postures and breathing. Working strength, flexibility, balance and concentration. It seeks to achieve a meditative attitude in practice, which allows the body, emotions and thoughts to be released and connect us with our essence.


Massage is a manual technique where movements, frictions, stretching and twists are applied to the body. This technique allows movements of energy at the muscular, articular and energy level itself to return the system to a state of natural harmony. The energy manage to unblock places where it is stagnated and generates pain. The healing process that occurs in the massage, releases accumulated tensions and generates a harmonious state of vibration that allows the body to restore in its natural order and wellbeing.

Holistic Life Coaching

Every client has the capacity to know the path to success. The coach’s role is to help the client access his or her passion, genius and to choose and achieve goals meaningful to them.

Reiki Healing

If you feel a little tired and in a need of new energy boost, then Reiki is for you. Reiki Healing is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, which also benefits the healing processes in the body. The method is simple and powerful.


Meditation is a way to connect with your inner wisdom. There are many different techniques for this but meditation is not a prestation. There are no right and wrongs in mediation. Release all control and eager to achieve a goal just let it all go. Meditation helps you to release things that no longer serves you and become in stillness so you can here your inner wisdom.


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28 feb - 2 mar

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30 apr - 2 may

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18 jun - 20 jun

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What are you longing for?

Imagine your Body & Mind filled to the top with energy, what would you do? Come to Mallorca Healing Center and find out

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